Scandinavia welcomes you to Scandinavia

Enjoy a traditional smorgasbord in your Scandinavian experience.  Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland are the countries that make up Scandinavia. They are linked by distinct, yet related cultures. The pureness of their air, water and land translates into very clean milk, which leads to high quality cheeses.  You’ll enjoy some of the most famous cheeses, as well as traditional meats, sweets, and their accompaniments and then finish off with a Scandi favorite of Blueberry soup!



The menu includes some of our favorite Scandinavian specialties including:

APPETIZER: Smorgasbord of Smoked Herring, Vasterbotten and Nokkelost

MAIN DISH: Swedish Meatballs with Lingonberry Jam

DESSERT: Fresh Blueberry Soup with whipped cream